Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hey Folks... I'm back

Ok, everyone. I know I have been less than diligent in posting here, but I think it's time to change that. It's Wednesday, November 4th and the results are in. One year to the day after Barack Hussein Obama used a smokescreen of "Hope" and "Change", instead of "Yes We Can" voters have said "Oh no you won't!". The worm is turning. The Virginia gubernatorial election was not even close. The New Jersey election was closer, but when you consider how blue of a state New Jersey is, how popular Obama is there, and all of the money that Corzine threw around, Christie's win was nothing short of a miracle. Special thanks to Jenny Bea for pointing me to the race in NY-23. Even in that Democratic victory there is much hope for Conservatives. The major party candidate was soundly defeated because she was far too liberal. That is a very important lesson that the Democrats learned in 2004, and that certain Republicans seem to have forgotten. Given a choice between a Democrat and a Republican who sounds like a Democrat, the Dem will win every time. Even in Maine, home of the RINO Olympia Snowe, the popular referendum of Gay Marriage was a resounding “No”. People simply do not want it, and do NOT want their government forcing it on them.
Now the elections are over, and with them, the "Year of Obama". President Obama is not a stupid man. In fact he is extremely intelligent. The reason all of the bills like the "Stimulus Package", Cap and Trade and Healthcare have been treated with such urgency is that the President knew the bloom would eventually come off of the rose. If the Healthcare bill was completed before the members of Congress were forced to go home and face their constituents, it would be law. I would say that if Congress were able to pass a bill before Election Day it might have had a shot. But the clear answer that was given was that “We are NOT buying what you are selling, and if you come back to us next year with the same tired old garbage, you’ll be next on the unemployment line.” Well, now. Here we can see that the Healthcare Bill will most likely fail. Completely. See this article.
The bottom line is that all of these Democrats from more conservative parts of the country are going to have to start campaigning in about 3 months. They will not be able to hang their hat on a Healthcare bill that nobody wants, deficits that we don’t need, and “Hope and Change” that hasn’t happened. They were given their shot and they didn’t get it done. Now they will have to take their medicine, because the “blame Bush” days are over. I truly believe that the Democrats will pay a heavy price for 10% unemployment, falling property values, and quite possibly the inflation that is soon to come.

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