Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Win???? Really???? For Who????

Well, I never intended for this to be a daily blog, but there is just so much to talk about. Imagine the audacity of Nancy Pelosi saying that the Democrats picked up 2 seats, so it was a win? Are you kidding? She has been drinking WAY too much of her own purple kool-aid. As for the NY-23 race, the odds of Hoffman winning were pretty long. It is not often that a minor party candidate makes that kind of showing. In 2010 the Republicans will field a more conservative candidate (Hoffman, part II???) and Owens will be on the unemployment line. A win for Pelosi? I’ll call it a draw. Scozzafava would have been closer to a win, because now they’d have a RINO to vote with the Democrats on the Healthcare disaster. And what’s with the 7000 people that voted for her anyway? If they had gone for Hoffman he may have won!
The big win of the day for conservatism was the New Jersey race. Is it an indictment on the President? We may not know that answer for a while. What IS clear though is that Corzine was in office when the economy went in the tank. You cannot sit there and spend the better part of 3 years consistently bashing President Bush for the financial mess without blaming other people as well. Corzine was one of them. So are Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, John Murtha and a whole host of Democrats who will be the next target of voter’s ire. The Republicans have been completely out of power for 1 year, and from 2006-2008 President Bush was a lame duck. Nobody with a pulse can possibly think the Democrats chickens wouldn’t come home to roost.
The problems they are having are completely of their own making. In 2006, the Democrat seats that were won were won largely on an anti-war agenda. There was no other choice. Just look at the Senate race in Connecticut. All Ned Lamont talked about was the war, and it got him the nomination. Fortunately, Lieberman had enough clout and support to run his own campaign, otherwise we’d have been stuck with Ned. Second, are the Blue Dog Democrats. They came largely from Red Districts. The Blue Dogs were key to getting and keeping control of Congress. It was Rahm Emmanual’s doing. (Gosh I just love using Liberal links to prove my point). The Blue Dogs cannot go home to their districts with a Health Care plan. If they do, they will be on the unemployment line.

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