Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Welcome to Common Sense. Let me start by clearing up the name of the blog. It is named for the pamphlet published before and during the Revolutionary War by Thomas Paine. As you read further blogs it will become apparant that this is my favorite time period of all in American History. It was a group of people just like you and me that saw something wrong and sought to correct it. Was everything perfect? No, and it would be unreasonable to expect it to be; but these people changed the course of history forever.

Why am I starting this blog? I am afraid for America. The ideals of the founding fathers no longer exist for the majority of Americans. The election of last night has marginalized our belief system, and undermined our economic system. The election of this man is a slap in the face to those who... "mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor". For those of you who have not been taught, that is the last line of the Declaration of Independence. A great fraud has been prepetuated on the people of our nation. Barack Obama is disingenuous about who and what he really is. Americans were fooled by his campaign rhetoric. If you want to know who he is read his book. Listen to his interviews from 2002. You will find out that he is if nothing else a Marxist. He and his team have done a very effective job of masking it. Who else is he? Ask Jerrimiah Wright. Ask Bill Ayers. They know him for who he really is.

This post is kind of short but it is to be an introduction. Over the coming months you will learn a lot more about me and a whole lot more about Barack Obama. I truly believe that his writings and speeches and interviews from a number of years ago will show him for who he is, and in 4 years time the American People will know him for who he is, and remove him before he can do any real damage.

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Jenny Bea said...

I will be looking forward to the coming months, and further documentation of who this fraud really is, aside from what has already been documented. God Bless America, and pray he save us and preserve our country over the next four years, until we reach the next election, when we will be in a better position to defeat those that would destroy the principles we have been founded upon.